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About Asheron's Guide

   Author: Kickaha
   Server: Solclaim
     Guild: AsheronsGuide.com
      Date: 6/30/2001

This site has been designed to help new, intermediate and advanced users enhance their Asheron's Call game play experience. Beginners will find complete guides to creating their first character, leveling efficiently, making money, joining an allegiance, going on quests and even mastering magic! Intermediate and advanced players will find a wealth of information regarding game items, quest walk-throughs, dungeon maps, item value charts, server forums, downloadable utilities and plugins, extreme templates, news and game play tips.

The decision to create this website came as a group effort from many people within our monarchy and friends throughout the server. Everyone has noticed time and time again the need for a centralized place to easily obtain and exchange information related to Asheron's Call. Even some of the biggest sites available have inaccurate quest information, outdated guides and templates, and slow updates - we hope to change all that.

The great thing about AsheronsGuide.com is that the community is encouraged to interact with our content. We are looking for talented people through-out the Asheron's Call community to submit articles, screen shots, quest guides, reference charts, character templates and great new ideas for the site. If you have what it takes, head on over and submit an article or a screenshot.

Things to look for? Tons of great content definitely comes first. We will also be adding in database driven calendars that allow each server to have publicly posted quests and event that are easy to find. And in the near future, we hope to add searchable archives, an online skill calculator and an online spell component helper. If you want to get really scary - we are even alpha testing a new decal plugin that can interact with our server and allow someone to chat with a person in game via our website!

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