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Making Money - Level 40+

   Author: Kickaha
   Server: Solclaim
     Guild: AsheronsGuide.com
      Date: 7/18/2001

There are a great number of ways to hunt for money in Dereth. Everyone that is tanking BSD over and over for EXP is definately going to go broke. Not only will cycling your hunting grounds increase your wealth, but it will cancle your bordem. (The following is only intended for level 40+ players with level 6 life protections)

Marae Lassel - North Plains.
One of my personal favorites is to go to Marae Lassel North Plains and post a loot mule (currently level 54) at the drop (or somewhere else that is safe enough for him to handle). Hunt dogs or whatever for one buff, picking up anything over 4.5k or so in value. Dump the heavy stuff on loot mule, repeat until you fill his main pack. (1-2 level 7 buffs max usually). Hold on to the lighter stuff, you can usually fill your main pack w/ jewelry/wands w/o burdening yourself. This also works with the swarm spawns on the plateau, provided you have a nice safe spot for your mule. As a matter of fact, this technique works well just about anywhere there is money treasure. (THANKS, Hokanu Shinzawai!)

Marae Lassel - Olthoi Lairs.
Another great place for high value (in the store) loot is any of the Olthoi Lairs on ML. Relative to the levels that can hunt them this is true for harvesters on up to evicerators. (THANKS, Vitmyr! Eviscerators Lair is located at 53.7N 76.6W Levels 50+ and the Legionary one is located at 52.6N 73.0W Levels 40+)

Obsidian Plains. Loot everything over 1K that is not to heavy. This goes for Altereds, Pan/Umbris, Diamond Golems, etc.

Nexus. Do the same thing. I don't mean CAMP the fragments at the bottom - just do a Nexus run a couple times a week. Sell the loot & dark shards.

Recall to Sanctuary. Kill everything with the word DARK in front of it. Dark Sclavus, Dark Magus, etc.. Kill whatever is standing next to them. Avoid the Putrid Moarsman. Get lucky over there and get COORD 6 gaunts with 220 diff. Sell all the other >1K items. Some archers are making 250K-300K per buff run. Stone your GSA or GSC with an acid stone and IMPEN your underclothes.

Kill some Corals. While you are there, full buff and kill everything on the hillside. Wasps, drudges, bandies, etc. Pickup everything over 1K. Lots of those gems on Corals are 1K-5K and they weigh nothing. Wasps & Shreths drop peas as well. Get lucky and find a 2-7 +10 +8 Cestus. Sell it for M notes. Oh yeah, go the C-Note way and not the D-Note way.

Banderlings. You can find spawns of high level banderlings up north - or even Outside Accursed Halls. Jump the wall and run south. Loot and sell. EXP is ok as well.

Dungeon of Corpses (DOC). Kill tons of drudges. Pickup any loot you find that doesn't weigh to much and is valued at more than 1K. Even level 30-40 people with lower magic protections can handle this one.

Serac/Acid Vault. Throw up your level 5 or higher Armor, Acid and Piercing protections - and clear this place out. Pickup the loot and SIK's that you find and sell them all. I'm sure you can get 50K-250K per buff run depending on your luck with finding keys.

Install Decal/SIXTH SENSE. Pickup items over 3K when running in dungeons. Avoid tower shields. You can make a D note even in BSD using this method.

Anyone else have any ideas? I'm not going to give away the best secrets of the game! I'll give you a hint - I personally use methods that generate 300-400% greater returns than any of the above methods. I use these hunting methods as well to keep myself from getting bored.

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