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Where do I buy level 1-6 Scrolls?

   Author: Kickaha
   Server: Solclaim
     Guild: AsheronsGuide.com
      Date: 7/1/2002

Where do I buy level 1-6 Scrolls?
The question that is asked so often - and yet rarely ever answered. Since most people already have all of their spells learned on their characters it has become difficult to figure out where to find the spells you are missing. Here is a table to help you out.

Town Name 1 2 3 4 5 6
Holtburg x x        
Shoushi x x        
Yaraq x x        
Cragstone x x x x    
Hebian-To x x x x    
Zaikhal x x x x    
Al-Arqas     x      
Lytelthorpe     x      
Nanto     x      
Rithwic     x      
Samsur     x      
Yanshi     x      
Al-Jalima       x    
Arwic       x    
Eastham       x    
Khayyaban       x    
Mayoi       x    
Sawato       x x  
Tou-Tou       x    
Uziz         x  
Ayan Baqur           x
Kara           x
Fort Tethna           x
Baishi None Available
Glendon Wood None Available
Lin None Available
Qal'abar None Available
Tufa None Available

If anyone has the magic item tinkering information easily av... - By Kickaha
Thanks for the info! i never noticed that kara was missing.... - By Kickaha
Please post kara, and sold there are lvl 6 scrolls, ty. - By Tisek
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