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Beginners Guide - Creating your Character.
The character creation process is one that should not be taken lightly. In this game, character creation is AMAZINGLY important. The skills that you choose can affect your character so drastically, that you could actually play for weeks or even months and then decide that you either 1) hate the character or 2) hate the game, because of a few minor mistakes made during creation.

The #1 thing to watch when building a character is to never train or specialize skills that are unneeded. They may seem interesting or cool at first, but truly they are either completely useless, or should be handled by a trades character designed to perform these services for others. This means you should never take Cooking, Alchemy, Fletching, Assess Person, Appraise Item, Lockpick, Missile Defense, etc.

I could go deeply into why you would not want to take these things, but I am not going to. The only exceptions to this rule is after your character has been completed with all of his magic, offense and defensive needs, you could take Lockpick or Fletching if your character really needs it.

Another good thing to remember is - YOU MUST USE EXTENSIVE MAGIC IN THIS GAME. If you think that you can build a character that does not have at least 2 schools of magic (and 3 schools plus Mana Conversion by level 40-50 is HIGHLY recommended!) you are sadly mistaken. Everyone involved in this website and all of our friends that play have tried this route at least once, and the magic in this game is what allows you to play properly. Anyone who tells you differently has completely lost his or her mind.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can jump to the character creation process. Remember, that what you choose here will affect your character for the rest of his life. You cannot un-learn a skill, change his race or name, change his attributes. All of this makes a huge difference in your overall game play. Also remember, you should choose a starting template listed on this website, not a Profession that this game has to offer.

  • Heritage
  • Sex
  • Appearance
  • Clothing
  • Profession
  • Attributes
  • Skills
  • Character Name
  • Starting Location

If you are not being helped with this game or the character creation process, we recommend the following template for you to play as your first character. You may wish to create a new one at a later date. This one gives you the ability to see what the game has to offer and at the same time provides LOTS of possiblity.

Race: Sho
Unarmed Combat
Melee Defense
Mana Conversion
@ Level 7
@ Level 12
@ Level 32

This template is a LIFE / UNARMED COMBAT template that has been tweaked to allow decent solo play in the beginning, while not rendering the character useless in higher levels. An EXTREME version of this would start with only 10 Coordination and 10 Quickness, but would be very difficult for a new person to play by themselves. Try not to play with attributes and skills until you know what you are doing - doing so could make your character much less enjoyable. You must leave this character as SHO, because that race comes with Unarmed Combat for free. Unarmed Combat is one of the best melee skills this game has to offer.