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Beginners Guide - Introduction to Asherons Call.
Welcome to one of the greatest games ever created. If you think you have played a great roleplaying game or multiplayer adventure, but you haven't tried Asherons Call, the game you are playing probably doesn't even come close to the action, adventure, depth or story line that Asherons Call has to offer.

Storyline. Asherons Call offers an indepth storyline that is unmatchable for such a huge multiplayer world. Other games can only begin to offer this type of depth to their gaming worlds. And for those who wish to skip the storyline, the game is completely playable for them as well.

Graphics. If your computer is equipped with a decent Pentium III processor and a nice 3D Card (Voodoo 3 or GEFORCE card) - this game can deliver some very exciting visuals for you throughout its towns, dungeons, mountains, landscapes, quests and more. Some areas are a bit lacking, but the overall game visuals are quiet appealing. Some of the latest and greatest content has even more exciting effects then the earlier content had to offer - thus the deeper you get into the game, the more visual it becomes.

Community. All multiplayer online games consist of some sort of a community. The first of these games were relatively simply, and as time progressed, larger and more in-depth communities evolved. Asherons Call has some of the best interaction between players, using its detailed communications system, fellowship system and allegiance ranking system. This game strives to build sub-communities that promotes the meeting of new players and the building of in game friendships and partnerships.

Questing. The questing system built into Asherons Call is expanded monthly. This game has evolved into one of the greatest combination of events and explorations ever created. The world is full of literally hundreds of armor, weapon, item, magic and knowledge explorations that help to enhance your gameplay, the community and the world. Most quests even build upon the storyline that is constantly updated and enhanced as time progresses.

Personality. Everyone involved in the world of Dereth contributes to the overall gaming experience that each person has. The player races, skills, gender, attitudes and play styles allow each individual to make his mark amongst the players of Asherons Call.

We hope you enjoy the game!