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AC Character Builder.
This easy to use, web-based character builder allows you to build your AC character templates from CREATION to LEVEL 275! This system is skill point based only, so you can't assign experience points - but with enough interest I might add that later.

AC Character Builder v0.96 Beta
Now Supporting Levels 130-275 and +2 Skill Point Quests


 Race:  Aluvian     Gharundim
        Sho         Viamontian

Level: +1 Skill Point Quest +1 Skill Point Quest Experience Points:
Attribute Points:

Skill Points: Specialization Limit: MAGICS: Creature Enchantment Item Enchantment Life Magic War Magic Mana Conversion DEFENSES: Magic Defense Melee Defense Missle Defense WEAPONS: Axe Bow Crossbow Dagger Mace Spear Staff Sword Thrown Weapons Unarmed Combat CRAFTING: Alchemy Cooking Fletching ALLEGIANCE: Leadership Loyalty OTHER: Arcane Lore Deception Healing Jump Lockpick Run TINKERING: Armor Tinkering Item Tinkering Magic Item Tinkering Weapon Tinerking Skill Points: