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AC Utilities Download Library.
Check out all the great downloads you can use to assist your gameplay experience. Please note that we have done our best to retrieve these programs from the original creators and to the best of our knowledge they are virus free originals. Use all programs at your own risk.

Decal Plugins.
We removed our Decal Plugins download section because Decal and related plugins are updated so often - its better to just visit the main site!

AC Monster 2.2
Easy to use database of monsters with tons of information regarding their damage types, vulnerabilities, stats, etc.

AC Explorer 3.28 PRO
A Utility for exploring the world of Dereth. Uses the database from AC-Spedia to map all known objects in Asheron's Call. You can easily add your own objects to this database, including detailed items such as buildings and roads. A Shortest Path routine can compute the shortest portal path between two points. Real-time party tracking makes corpse recovery easy! A very powerful and easy to use utility. A must for any serious AC explorer!

AC Armor Calc 0.01b
A utility which you input AL, plus any buffs you might want to add, runs the AL through the various protections (piercing/slashing/bludgeon/elementals) and tells you the estimated final AL for each damage type.

AC Skill Calc 1.0
A small utility for demonstrating the impact a character's beginning attributes have on their starting skills. A good understanding of these relationships is necessary to help give your character a good jump start into adventuring in Dereth.